EXILES II: The Mageborn Traitor


With The Ruins Of Ambrai, the first volume of her brilliant fantasy epic, EXILES, Melanie Rawn introduced the world of Lenfell--pristine, untouched, a perfect refuge for the Mageborn, whose powers were percieved as a threat by people not gifted with magic. But the greater the magic, the greater the peril--and Lenfell was soon devastated by a war between rival Mageborn factions that polluted the land, sea, and air with hideous specters known as the Wraithenbeasts.

Generations after the terrible war, the rivalry between the Mage Guardians and the Lords of Malleris sparked off yet another terrifying conflict, a power struggle that nearly succeeded in destroying the Mage Guardians and giving the Malerrisi all they desired. But unbeknownst to the First Lord of the Malerris, there were those among their enemies who had foreseen her tactics and had worked for generations to ensure the survival of both the Mage Guardians and the people of Lenfell.

Now the lines have been clearly drawn, leaving one of Lenfell's most powerful families divided against itself, with Glenin, former First Daughter of Ambrai, plotting the ruin of her sisters, Sarra, Councillor of Sheve, and Cailet, the new Mage Captal, even as the Malerrisi--under Glenin's leadership--once again begin weaving a web which would entangle their entire work.

For though the Lords of Malerris seem content to remain in self-imposed exile within their castle stronghold, this is merely an illusion created to conceal a campaign of conquest that could see Lenfell fall permenantly under their rule--politically, economically, and magically.

And even as Cailet's dreams of a restored Mage Academy become a reality, and Sarra's legal reforms offer the hope of greater prosperity and equality for all people, Glenin prepares to strike at the very heart of both her sisters' power. All it will take is the betrayal of Ambrai's most closely guarded family secret, and the right traitor planted in the heart of Cailet's haven---a traitor trained to be the nemesis of all Mage Guardians; Glenin's perfect tool of destruction and most loyal follower, her own son....

First Printing: March 1997