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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis


I am indebted to Jodi Hubbel for her time and work compiling the Character List. It is an extremely helpful tool for Collan sleuths. I sure miss my pen pal!

Jihan has administered the Melanie Rawn Fan Club/Webpage for many years. I am grateful that she volunteers so much, for so long, to provide us with the Webpage and Bulletin Board. Thank you.

Chani graciously volunteered to make this work web-safe, for which I am very grateful.

Thanks to friends on the Exiles Bulletin Board. This document is for you. Without the stimulating and insightful discussions on the Bulletin Board, this compilation never would have been made. Neither can I claim credit for every idea listed. Many of us have similar thoughts and some comments spark me to new ideas. Others ideas are completely my own.

Words are useless to express appreciation for The Creator, Melanie Rawn, and her work. It goes on, and the time of our long wait draws nearer to the end. For which I am grateful.

This massive work was compiled sporadically over a period of many years. Lady Brenlis looks forward to visiting the Bulletin Board more often, now that the project is complete.

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