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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis

The Garvedian Theory:

There is undeniably a connection between the Garvedians and Collan. Simply put, they know too much, and they care too much. If Collan isn’t related to the Garvedians, who could have been sloppy enough to let all these people know so much? Certainly not Gorynel Desse!

  • A hint? “Gorynel Desse had given him the Name “Rosvenir,” but Collan could have been anything from a Mikleine to a Garvedian. Hell, he could be an Ostin for all anyone knew—and considering their numbers, it was more than likely.” MT p 124
  • The wraith of Captal Leninor Garvedian to the other Captal Wraiths: You think me a fool, I know, for keeping watch over Collan all these years….  RoA p 615 Why would the wraith of a Mage Captal choose to spend her years watching over a nameless orphan? Collan is important to her, somehow. Leninor’s fiery personality eliminates her as a Candidate for Mother. 
  • A woman’s astonished voice saying, “That’s Collan?” turned his head. The gorgeous Garvedians were watching him: Lusira with a smile, her cousin Tiomarin with startled fascination. RoA p 610 These women have got to know something about Collan’s history for Tiomarin to react with such fascination.  Neither are old enough to be Collan’s mother.
  • Tiomarin scrutinizes Collan RoA p609
  • Several Garvedians had famous tempers: Leninor, Fallun, and Dessa. Collan is also known for his temper.
  • Lusira knows who Sarra is and Sarra doesn’t bat an eye!!! RoA p 194. This is a discussion of Collan, however, I included this point because it emphasizes the Garvedian involvement in some of the biggest secrets on Lenfell.
  • Garvedians (in Glenin’s opinion) have “appalling taste in men” Probably a reference to Gorsha. Sisters Fler and Fallun had affairs with Gorsha. RoA p 146


Elseveth Garvedian seems to be everyone’s favorite candidate for Collan’s mother. She is mine as well. The fact that both Fler and Fallun had affairs with Gorynel Desse removes a lot of guesswork in figuring out a possible relationship.

  • By working with the birth years and information we already know, I determined that if Elseveth were the daughter of Gorsha and mother of Collan, she was probably between 18-25 years old when he was born. (Actually, any child of Gorsha’s who is a parent of Collan would probably have been 18-25 in 938.)
  • “The name Taguare hurts,” (Agatine) said softly, “And Viko. And Elseveth.” RoA p 298 Hearing these names caused headaches for Collan because they are the names of people Collan is warded to keep him from remembering. The people it would have been dangerous for Collan to remember. Elseveth was somehow significant in Collan’s early life. RoA p 296ish
  • A Mage and a Bard. Taguare thinks she was like Falundir—a Bard as well as a Mageborn. It’s a rare combination. You wouldn’t think it would be, because there’s a lot of magic in music. But to have both talents so strongly, as this Elseveth seemed to, and to become both, as not even Falundir has done— MT p 172 Elseveth is the only musically talented woman of the right age range mentioned in the series thus far. This is significant because Collan’s mother is supposed to have been musically talented.
  • “I (Mai Alvassy) remember the mage though…. Elseveth Garvedian. She was even more beautiful than Lusira, if you can believe it. She left us at Domburron. I never saw her again.” RoA p280 Elseveth helped Mai, Elin, & Pier Alvassy and their grandparents escape from Ambrai. RoA PB Pg. 346 If Gorsha is her father, then Mai’s father would be Elseveth’s first cousin.  Elseveth would have been between 49 and 56 years of age.
  • “Lusira’s mother?” Sarra guessed. “No, but all Lusira will say is she was a cousin of some sort.” RoA p 280 If Gorynel Desse is in fact Elseveth’s father, this would make them sisters. Naturally, that relationship would be secret. To the world, however, they would remain first cousins. Cousins of some sort is the perfect way to describe the relationship to a friend who’s curious but shouldn’t know too much. 
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