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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis

The Mikleine Theory:

A hint? “Gorynel Desse had given him the Name “Rosvenir,” but Collan could have been anything from a Mikleine to a Garvedian. Hell, he could be an Ostin for all anyone knew—and considering their numbers, it was more than likely.” MT p 124
In truth, there is no real support for this theory, only a lack of reasons to eliminate it. It’s a shot in the dark, but there aren’t a whole lot of plausible candidates, except for Granon or Niyan Mikleine as a grandfather.


  • Gorsha found and warded her grandson, Granon Mikleine II, after all his family but his mother died at Ambrai. “He owed it to his valiant old friend, and to the lovely Atheni Mikleine, Granon’s distant cousin and Fiella’s mother.” MT p 438
  • Atheni was a Scholar Mage. MT p49.
  • There is a blatant discrepancy involving Atheni, and her daughter Fiella’s, age. At one point, Fiella gives birth to her son, Granon, just as Ambrai is dying, and at another Fiella is 10 years old when she accompanied her mother to Ryka to argue the Captal’s case. (Leninor’s before the council) She sees Auvry Feiran down the hall and wants to run like hell.
  • Fiella is probably too young, to be other than an aunt. She is Sela Trayos’ aunt! Mauren is also Granon Mikleine’s daughter MT p579 HB


Fathered Leninor Garvedian with Fler Garvedian. May have married her. Brother of Granon Mikleine.


Died defending Gorsha during Lusath Addennos’ Making in 951. Warrior Mage, brother of Niyan Mikleine, lover of Atheni Mikleine and Josea Trayos, father of Fiella Mikleine and the green-eyed Mauren Trayos.  The only man Gorsha ever lost a woman to, besides Tiva Sennison. 


It is almost unthinkable that Lisivet could be closely related to Col—too boring! She was born in 903, a Scholar Mage, Dean of Neele College, grandmother of Fleran Mikleine, studied linguistic puzzles such as where do words come from.

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