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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis

The Trayos Theory

or Collan’s Bathrobe at the Crossroads of St. Feleris



If Collan is a Trayos, we can safely assume, (since the Trayos name was considered extinct MT p 467 with Sela’s death) that he is Sela’s brother, and that the ”tall, sternly lovely” and green-eyed Mauren is his mother. RoA p 32
The fact that we already know that Telomir Renne had a child with Mauren makes him an obvious candidate for Collan’s father.  Sollan Vekke would be another excellent candidate.

Observant readers notice that when the magic house, the Crossroads of St. Feleris, put Sarra in a robe showing the Ambrai colors. (RoA p 496) It also gave Collan a robe of colors which were not Rosvenir. Sarra’s robe was made from turquoise brocade, lined with black fur. Collan’s was green and gold brocade lined with brown fur. Brown and green are the colors of the Trayos family, RoA p 295 and this could be very significant in leading us to Collan’s true identity.

Or not.

When Irena Pereira first asked Melanie about these details, all of us on the email list were pretty well convinced this meant Collan was a Trayos. Melanie appeared to be flabbergasted, didn't know WHAT Irena was talking about, and was pretty much astounded. I suppose it was possible she was putting on a show to throw us off, but I am inclined to believe her, this time.

Not long after, Melanie herself signed onto the list and issued a statement, which I shall do my best to summarize: A book is like a man. They both move into your home, you find their stuff in your drawers (where their stuff doesn't belong) they absorb all your time and energy, …. And then they move out They’re gone, out of your life (or in the case of a book, published) yet you still find the occasional sock in your underwear drawer…. She finished with, “And you want me to remember the color of Collan’s bathrobe?”

Maybe Melanie was trying to blow smoke in our faces, or maybe the scene truly is unimportant. Here is an explanation for the latter: Sarra knew her true colors, and the house very well may have plucked them from her sleeping mind. Collan did not consciously know his family’s colors, so perhaps the house gave him its own colors by default with a neutral shade of brown fur. The room Sarra and Collan slept in was decorated in green and gold brocade.


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