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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis

The Viko Theory

“The name Taguare hurts,” (Agatine) said softly, “And Viko. And Elseveth.” RoA p 298 Hearing these names caused headaches for Collan because they are the names of people Collan is warded to keep him from remembering. The people it would have been dangerous for Collan to remember.
There are four Vikos mentioned in either book.

Viko Renne RoA p 37:         

  • Discovered the cure for the Kenroke fever, healer mage,
  • There are no other Renne mages except for Jeymian.
  • Several generations back.
  • Lived in the 600’s.

Viko Rosvenir:                     

  • Amilie Rosvenir: The only good thing to say for [Collan]… is he isn’t Mageborn, like my great-great-grandmother’s great-nephew Viko. MT p 233
  • “I meant what I said about Viko Rosvenir… He’s the only Mageborn we ever produced—and we’ve been trying to live it down ever since.” MT p 238
  • Probably same generation as Gorsha, Allynis, or possibly Sarra Ambrai (the first)
  • Amilie Rosvenir goes into great detail when she mentions him. Why? I think Melanie was trying to be obvious.

Viko Garvedian:      

  • Tiomarin’s son. age of 15 at the time of the Rising.  RoA p 605
  • Viko has a special talent for sensing magic. MT p27

Viko ??? RoA p 291:

  • You probably missed this guy many times. I did.
  • Collan, who is visiting the home of Verald and Sela, hands a squirming child to Viko.
  • It is the name that aggravates Col’s Wards, not the face. Hence, he is probably not the Viko whose name aggravates Collan’s Wards.
  • He is described only as one of the older men.


The main candidate of these four is Viko Rosvenir, perhaps as a grandfather. The primary objection to the Viko Rosvenir Theory is that it is a First Tier Name and not considered powerful. However, I think that phrase four different yet equally powerful names may be interpreted in different ways.
Originally, I thought he must be a grandfather. However, the absence of a corresponding mother and grandmother proved elusive. Viko Rosvenir may have been involved in his life, perhaps as a stepfather, protector or friend. 

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