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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis


In May of 1999, Melanie made verbal statements to me about some things we can expect in Captal’s Tower. The following are included:

  • Pretenses for Maichen and Auvry’s initial separation. I think it is safe to assume that major details will be included.
  • Collan’s identity, and presumably, his mysterious powers, will be revealed.
  • Michael Whelan will probably be doing the cover of Captal’s Tower.
  • Melanie told me that she’d planned/expected Jo--- to die in order to help Cailet identify the traitor. This being a revelation to me, I asked her. if setting up the love triangle between Jo---, Cailet and Taigan was a last minute twist. She nodded.
  • Is Collan dead? Yes. Be prepared to grieve with Sarra and Company in Captal’s Tower. This is Melanie-When-I-Kill-‘Em,-They-Stay-Dead-Rawn we’re talking about.

Pure Speculation:

Or Lady Brenlis’s Pet Theories…

  • Chava had the Velvet Ladder MT p580 But he told Glenin he’d been unable to retrieve it from the innkeeper.  MT p559 Did he lie to Glenin, planning to betray her?
  • In Ruins of Ambrai, Sarra’s gut-jumping tells her that Anniyas will release the Wraithen Beasts once the Mages are no more. I still wonder if this could still be in the plans. 
  • I can’t help but wonder if something in Captal’s Tower will give new meaning to these interesting quotes:

    • Gorynel Desse to Collan: You’ll go where I tell you, boy, or do you forget that my magic will always be faster than your feet—or your sword? RoAp339
    • Anniyas to Collan: “My magic is faster than your fists or your feet.”
      The sentence echoed in memory, as if she’d almost quoted something he’d heard before. RoA p571

    Given the following:
    • Glenin’s wraith is undoubtedly in the Dead White Forest
          [Cailet] took her own last look at Glenin. Her Wraith must be with Anniyas now, in the Dead White Forest.
    • A significant event in Mageborn Traitor deals with Anniyas’s wraith; MT p80
    • Family can walk through family’s Wards when not specific to given member; and maybe even then.
    • Cailet’s are the only Wards we know of keeping the wraiths in the Dead White Forest.

    Then we can reasonably speculate that there is nothing to stop Glenin’s wraith from wandering Lenfell and causing all manner of trouble for Cailet, or releasing Anniyas.

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