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On Michael Whelan

I wouldn’t presume to write anything complimentary about Michael Whelan’s work, let alone Michael Whelan himself.

It embarrasses him.

So I will not state that upon learning he would be doing the cover for Dragon Prince—my very first novel!—I literally went weak in the knees and had to sit down.

Neither will I mention that each time I receive a print from my publisher of the art he’s just done for a book of mine, I write him a fan letter.

I won’t write about how, when Jennifer Roberson, Kate Elliott and I received prints of the painting he did for the Golden Key, we decided that if ever we were all three in the same room with him we’d fall onto our knees and abase ourselves and whine piteously, “We’re not worthy!” And of course I have absolutely no intention of telling you about the times I’ve rewritten text to match a detail he’s put in the cover art. (He can’t believe I’d change my words; I can’t believe my words are worth his pictures. We each think the other is crazy, but we’re very civil about it.)

All this sort of discussion distresses him terribly, and he’s such a truly nice man that I wouldn’t for the world cause him any anguish.

Really. Would these baby blues lie?

Therefore, rather than write any of those things, I’ll simply report that he is reasonably competent at what he does, reasonably tolerable as a human being, and that when I take him and his family to the Grand Canyon I probably won’t push him off the side into the Colorado River.

Melanie Rawn
LeprCon 1999
Scottsdale, AZ

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