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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
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In considering the tantalizing tidbits Melanie left us behind regarding Gorynel’s Failure, and Auvry and Maichen’s Divorce, the two may be entwined. Perhaps Gorsha’s plan, which went awry, ended in The Divorce, and is also, somehow, his failure. This would explain Maichen’s hatred of him MT p139; Gorsha’s utter conviction that, if she knew, Cailet would hate him too; RoA p406-407 as well as Gorsha’s wraith’s last request of Auvry, forgiveness. RoA p596. This could even have something to do with Collan being sold as a slave in 949 or 950.
What follows is a list of quotes detailing what we know of Gorynel’s failure and the Divorce.

Gorynel’s Failure

  • This quote supports the idea that Gorsha’s plan ended in the Divorce.

    “…I risk much” Auvry
    “So did I, and lost. But not all.”   Gorsha referring to Glenin and Auvry’s other children. RoA p 57

  • Imi Gorrst: Some plan of his went awry. The Mage Council didn’t favor it to begin with, and once it failed they were dead set against him. RoA p 201

  • Lilen to Collan right before Alin dies: Tell Gorsha there’s nothing to forgive.  RoA p 404
  • Cailet: 
  • Leninor Garvedian was alive and unhurt when you forced her to make Adennos Captal!… You could have saved her, taken her to safety in Shellinkroth instead of him!“She was forced by events, not by me.”
    “But you did it! You knew that Auvry Feiran was coming, you came to her with Adennos spelled and in tow—and then you made him Captal and she was dead before a single torch was lit in Ambrai.”
    “Enough!” he shouted. “Don’t you think it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done?”
    “One question, First Sword… Why didn’t you make yourself Captal?”
    That hit and hard. She saw it in the flinch of his whole body, in the fear and shame—and frustrated hunger—twitching across his face…
    “I—I was too old.”
    After a moment’s hesitation, he whispered, “I was not worthy.”…
    “Why not you, Gorynel Desse? Why not the man with at least one Mageborn in every breeding pair of his Blood—right back to the Waste War?”
    Because I failed!”…
    “Tell me!”
    A glimmer of hope sparked in his eyes. “No.”…
    “You’ll have plenty of time to despise me for this , you know.   One day you’ll find out the completeness…the complexity of the truth. And then you can despise me for all the right reasons. It won’t matter anymore….”
    “But you can’t tell me now.”
    “No. And I’m not sorry for it either…. There has been no mistake. Not this time. RoA p406-407

  • Gorsha hadn’t wanted to kill Auvry Feiran or he would have drawn his sword in Ryka, during the confrontation where Orlin and Agatine died.
  • Gorsha: Oh I’ve killed—to my shame…But the one time I should have killed, my resolve failed. RoA p 29 Who? Anniyas? The Grand Duke? Auvry?
  • Using his sword is a failure. RoA p 201

The Divorce

  • Allynis: I’m sorry if this incident has pained you, Daughter, but the Captal agrees we won’t accomplish anything this way. Tell him so.  RoA p 53

  • Escalating battles, RoA p 45
  • Maichen to Auvry: Have you begun to believe the pretense? What did Anniyas offer you? RoA p 82
  • Maichen and Sarra left Ambrai at Maiden Moon.


Sarra: Auvry Feiran was a good man! I remember him from when I was little—what happened? What went so wrong?
How come no one knew Auvry was a Captal's Warder? He’d been Listed as a Prentice Mage yet bore his Warder’s sigils with him every day until his death.

…[Glenin]’s had [her son] for 18 years. No one could undo her work.
Anniyas undid your work, with my father.
Gorsha said nothing.
“Well?” She asked aloud. “Didn’t she?”
You know nothing of Auvry as he was then. All you knew was the man he’d become. MT p275

The following gives a glimpse of insight into the kind of man Auvry was at heart.

“The only promise I need from you is that you’ll teach me. That I won’t be completely alone.”
“You have my word. You know you do.”
“And—and that if my magic really does turn Wild, you’ll kill me.”
“Swear it. Please. On the way here I came close to killing you without even knowing it.—if I ever show signs, promise you’ll—“
“It won’t come to that.”
“but if it should—“
“I’ll swear no such thing, because it won’t happen.  You’re strong, you’re intelligent, you’re more than capable of learning—“
“Gorsha—are you scared of me?”

Indeed, why did Auvry abandon nearly everything he held dear; the values he was taught at Mage Academy to work for an evil Malerrisi like Anniyas?  Certainly, Glenin’s future was a part of it.

Auvry referring to Anniyas’s probable plans for Glenin’s death, after Glenin’s son’s birth, “The bargain, your safety, your position…” RoA p 564

… and Anniyas

  • Lady Alinar—“I’ve always thought that Anniyas’s ploy was one of the cleverest.”

    “Create a threat in the would-be Grand Duke of Domburronshir, defeat him as planned, and receive the title of First Councillor from a grateful world….”
    “All done for Auvry Feiran’s sake.” MT p534

This raises questions, as Auvry and Anniyas supposedly never met until he took her through a ladder the day her army defeated the Grand Duke.  
Why did Anniyas need and want Auvry? For his knowledge? Did she want Glenin to bear her grandson? Did she want someone she could trust? Did she think he’d be useful as a flunky?

Anniyas attempted to insinuate Auvry Feiran into Ambrai’s power structure by forcing him down Allynis’s throat as Chancellor. Grandmother hadn’t known about the Malerris part of it, but she’d been as determined as her dear friend Captal Leninor Garvedian that no Mage would ever hold public office. 
Anniyas must have known that…. Feiran would have told her it was hopeless. But that concerned Sarra less than why he had cast his lot with Anniyas to begin with. Had he wanted to be Chancellor so much that he would betray the Mage Guardians? Or had there been other reasons?


“Gorsha's plan was actually a plan for world peace.” A quote from the Exiles Bulletin Board. It’s a theory worth mentioning. Considering the theme running through Cailet’s thoughts about her nephew and Glenin, It’s entirely likely.

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