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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis


The following quote has raised a great deal of speculation that there could be some connection between the Rennes and the Malerrisi. Clearly, Jeymian appears to have more experience with them than an occasional exchange of battle globes.

Telomir Renne seemed in the grip of some powerful emotion. He stared at [Chava] for a moment, as if looking past the bearded face and hazel eyes to something inside Allard’s very soul, then said very quietly, “You know I can get past your Wardings.”
Mikel gaped, briefly stunned out of his fury. Telomir Renne, the World’s Oldest Prentice Mage, could get by a Malerrisi?
Allard blinked, then smiled and unwittingly provided Mikel with the answer. “You know, I believe you could. There’s little I’d put past a son of Gorynel Desse. MT p 574

Perhaps Telo uses something from the Code to get passed Chava, but why the powerful emotion? This description has always called to mind the families of magic principle. How could Telomir Renne and Chava Allard possibly be related?
It is more likely; however, he knew his grandson was in the room, in danger from Glenin. That knowledge would stir great grief and loss.

Jeymian goes to Josselin—And Telo—his eyes went from his mother to the Prentice and back again before he bent his head to hide powerful emotion. MT p579

Jeymian had to know beforehand. As soon as Josselin walks in the room she remarks that it’s her Great Grandson. How she knew is anyone’s guess.

  • Gorynel Desse: “What Jeymian Renne doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing.” MT p580

Even if there is no families of magic principle in effect, it is clear that Jeymian has a great deal of experience with the Malerrisi.

  • “Integrity and Malerrisi are mutually exclusive terms,” Sarra stated.
    “Not really. There have been some… but I digress.” Sighing, [Lady Alinar] picked at the fringe of her shawl for a moment, while Sarra silently begged, Digress, digress! MT p535
  • Sarra: “The people don’t trust the Malerrisi. Jeymian: “And with good reason… As I myself know well.”

Occasionally, I hear suggestions that Jeymian Renne could have been Malerrisi. To that let me say:

  • Sarra: This woman was no more Malerrisi than Cai was. The magic Sarra barely knew how to sense held the distinct overtones of a Mage Guardian in its application of Silence to the sitting room. MT p 522
  •  (One of my favorite lines)  “Mage Guardians,” [Lady Alinar] informed [Glenin], as if speaking to a dull-witted child, “do not obey Malerrisi.” MT p575
  • “The Code of Malerris?… You have a copy?” “Much as I’d love to become a Mage Guardian again,…” Jeymian Renne MT p580ish
  • Mai states: After we lost Uncle Toliner to the Malerrisi…. (referring his death)

There is a definite Aura of mystery surrounding the Rennes, Telomir included.

  • Who’s the Mage in Ambrai who guesses who Sarra’s parents are? How does Councillor Flera Firrenos know who Sarra & Telo are?
  • Telomir Renne is supposed to be Warded in Ruins of Ambrai, but he can’t be. He must be the one who took the first group through the ladder from Ryka to Ambrai. RoA p 346 No one else is Mageborn in that group. Desse couldn’t have abandoned his battle with Auvry to do it. He must have learned a great deal of magic usage in his youth, perhaps from Jeymian. There’s no mention of Cailet ever teaching him after the Rising.  

Telo appears Warded when Sarra visits Ryka. He has to be. He handled the shards from Glenin’s broken globe. RoA p 283  Or perhaps he’s just extraordinary at Warding—like Desse, but he tells Cailet he isn’t at the Dead White Forest in Mageborn Traitor.

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