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The Mystery of Collan Rosvenir
as researched by Lady Brenlis

The Sollan Vekke Theory:

I subscribe to the theory that Collan was not made a slave until he was eleven or twelve. See Collan’s Memory for more information.
Years ago, I did an extensive search of the Character List for candidates of an age to be Collan’s father. Sollan was one of just a few candidates that stood out. Gavirin Bekke, a total nobody, was another one. (RoA p 493. ) See The Bekke Theory.
Unlike Elseveth, there are no known concrete details tying Collan to Sollan such as Wards, memories or personal knowledge. His name only appears in the genealogies but there are so many small details which appear to support him, that I have become convinced he must be Collan’s father.

Who is this guy?

Sollan Vekke, son of Solla Vekke & Jener Ostin, grandson of Tevis Vekke & Mittrian Solingirt, first cousin of Lilen Ostin, husband of Sefana Maurgen and father of her children. He died in an accident with Tiva Sennison (Lilen’s husband) in 950.
It is interesting to note that significant characters such as Avira Anniyas, Jeymian Renne, Elomar Adennos, Auvry Feiran, Granon & Niyan Mikleine are inserted into the genealogy charts with no ancestors given. Yet Sollan, this character who is so minor that his name is never even mentioned in the text, has not only his parents but his grandparents listed in both genealogies! In fact, Melanie even went so far as to notate, in the Ruins of Ambrai Genealogy, that Grandmother Tevis Vekke is the first cousin of Lilen’s Grandfather Taigan Vekke—making Solla & Jener Third Cousins. The only such genealogy note of its kind. I wonder what Melanie was thinking?
Why would Melanie think so much of Sollan’s grandparents to go to the trouble of having Kanto Solingirt introduce them?

Val glowed with admiration, “Let me get this straight. You secretly bought land from the Vekkes with money secretly provided by the Vekkes which you then sold back to the Vekkes to gain a dower to marry a Gorrst. I love it!”
“Cousin Mittrian Solingirt’s idea. He acted as my advocate in the matter—he was Tevis Vekke’s husband, you know. It amused them both no end to fool Mara Gorrst. By the way, you have a sister named for Tevis, Alin. And she was your great-grandmother,” he added to a startled Valirion. RoA p 186-187

Maybe it was all to highlight the closeness of the Maurgens and Ostins. Seeing how none of the Maurgen and Ostins have more than a supporting role, certainly not more than Elomar, it appears to me it is because Sollan is Collan’s father.


Solla, Jener, and Sollan. The timing of all three of these deaths coincide with important events in the story, which suggests they are likely related.

  • Great Grandmother Tevis Vekke died in 917, the year Maichen was born. Great Grandfather Mittrian Solingirt died the year Collan was born at the age of 86. This is during the time of the Grand Duke’s rise. Both events are likely unimportant.
  • Solla died in 939 at the age of 55. She died young—the same year the Grand Duke was defeated. I doubt it is coincidence. She may have been a Mage fighting with or against the Grand Duke.
  • Jener Ostin died in 949 at the age of 65. (RoA genealogies) Sollan died in 950, age 38 in the same accident Lilen’s husband, Tiva Sennison died in. RoA p 634

According to Sarra’s guess, Collan would have been sold as a slave in about 949 or 950. The deaths of Sollan & Jener may have been foul play and triggered the decision of Col’s family to hide Collan while they could. There are a lot of mysteries here.


  • I wonder if there could be a connection between Telo Ambrai’s death in 948 and either Jener or Sollan’s deaths; or Anniyas’ plans for Auvry.

    …the death of the last notable opponent of the First Councillor’s power… created the opportunity for Scraller to be given complete control over all of the economic activities of the Waste. RoA p 8  This person died the same year Collan was born.  I always believed this referred to the Grand Duke of Domburronshir. But how would the Grand Duke’s death create an opportunity in the Waste? Could this have been Solla or Mittrian Solingirt? They both died near that time.


  • Val had always been most obviously his mother’s son; the silver-tongued charmer, the handsome self-described wastrel. Biron cheerfully described himself as an amiable plodder who rubbed along on thoughtfulness and steady consciousness of duty, with a face that at least didn’t frighten babies. RoA p430 Collan’s father is described as serious. Biron could have inherited it from him. That could also explain where Mikel’s placidness came from. Val’s personality has certain similarities to Collan’s.
  • Val showed uncanny fashion sense when he designed Sarra’s gown at her petition. Like Collan.
  • Val is described with dark eyes and curling mouth. Taigan is also described with a curling mouth.
  • Whereas Biron and Val had looked like twins despite their differences, Jennis and Riena hardly seemed to belong to the same family. Some ancestral quirk of fair skin and light eyes had come out in Jennis, along with a small frame that made her look the changeling in Sefana’s long-boned, black-haired, dark-eyed brood. But she had the Maurgen chin, square and stubborn. RoA p640
  • Val: medium height, muscular and swarthy. Wrestler’s square stance and solid build. Dark eyes, curling mouth formidable chin; rakishly offset cleft. RoA p176 also, nice ass and good shoulders.
  • Jener’s mother, Birella Ostin, was a Mage Guardian. Birella also supplied the Ambrai gift through Gerrin.
  • Sollan Vekke is Lilen’s first cousin. Birella is their grandmother. 
  • We do not know if there were any twins in Sefana’s ancestry. The Maurgen twins could be a genetic predisposition from Sollan’s Vekke bloodline, and also passed to Collan’s children.
  • The name, Sollan, is closer than any other to Collan’s name. That in itself is a clue. Melanie has always loved creating names for characters by tweaking other family names. She’s always loved twins too, and always remembers to make sure they run in families.
  • Do you think Melanie was being coy when she called the Rising the Family Business? I think she was being literal.


  • If Sollan was Collan’s father, he’d be a red-head. There is no mentioned of any red-headed Maurgens in his progeny. Sollan and Sefana’s children seem to favor Sefana in looks. All are dark except for small, slight, and blond Jennis. It is interesting to note that Col’s stubble was reddish-gold. RoA p562
  • “There’s never been a Mageborn Maurgen—“ Jennis Maurgen MT p 266 And there still hasn’t! Sollan isn’t a Maurgen, his wife is! However, Cailet saw no hope that Aidan could be Mageborn, Cailet MT p94 and if Sollan were a Mage Guardian, she would have known it, wouldn’t she?
  • There is an Ostin gift, from Birella Ostin, Mage Guardian. So the possibility still exists that Sollan may have been Mageborn, trained or not. If Sollan or his parents were Mageborn, it was likely kept quiet, and his children may not have even known.
  • If Solla died in939, how could Collan remember her? How could she have participated in Warding him? Perhaps it was more knowledge of her that Collan recalled then her clear face.
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