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Collan's mother must be Elseveth Garvedian. Tiomarin (Viko's mother) and Elseveth are the twin daughters of Fler Garvedian and Gorsha Desse. I have a couple of ideas about Collan's paternal family. However, the only one I am certain of is Viko Rosvenir as his paternal grandfather.


  • Mother: soft-voiced, beautiful, black hair and green eyes, played a lute, had a beautiful voice, and wore a silver bracelet set with a blue onyx in which a sliver of gold resembled a candleflame. Father: Tall, strong, serious, blue eyes and red hair. Grandparents: four different yet equally powerful Names. (Mageborn Traitor p 537) It's a safe bet all of the above are mageborn.
  • A gift from his mother-meager though it eventually proved when compared with others-made itself felt that night. And Col rejected it utterly. (Ruins of Ambrai p 26)
  • "Gorynel Desse had given him the Name "Rosvenir," but Collan could have been anything from a Mikleine to a Garvedian. Hell, he could be an Ostin for all anyone knew…." A hint? (MT p 124)
  • The music was a ward against all emotion, including his own. (RoA p 410)
  • Melanie said that all of his parents are named in RoA & MT. She's pretty sure all of the hints for figuring out his parentage is in there. I prefer to ignore the fact that she said that Collan is neither a Garvedian or a Trayos.


  • To Col as he warded his memories before leaving Falundir's cottage: "I'm not as young as I was THE FIRST TIME WE DID THIS." (RoA p 38)
  • "You're as stubborn as your..." (RoA p ___)
  • Col is described as having "skin darker than a redhead's should be." (MT p 375)
  • He and Telo both know why he's warded: Col, "Why me?" Gorsha, "For reasons I hope you never know."
  • Why concern himself with keeping Col's parts in tact?
  • Must have been in touch with Taguare while Col was at Scraller's.
  • He's described in ways that are very similar to the way Col is described. (dictatorial, conceited, etc.)

What Gorsha Did:
  • Lilen: "Tell Gorsha there's nothing to Forgive." (RoA p 404)
  • Auvry, forgive me. (RoA p 596)
  • The time he should have killed. (RoA p 29)
  • Using his sword is a failure. (RoA p 201)
  • Cai's Making: "Because I failed!… One day you'll find out the completeness…the complexity of the truth and then you can despise me for all the right reasons. It won't matter anymore…." "But you can't tell me now." "No. And I'm not sorry for it either…. There has been no mistake. Not this time. (RoA p 407)
  • Imi Gorrst: Some plan of his went awry. The mage council didn't favor it to begin with, and once it failed they were dead set against him. (RoA p 201)


I think that Gorsha was somehow involved with the Grand Duke and Lirsa Bekke. Perhaps he was related to Lirsa. (daughter, lover, or maybe just a good friend. ) They had some sort of plan. Perhaps Gorsha didn't realize that the Malerrisi were backing the Duke and was secretly supporting Lirsa and the Duke. Perhaps, Lirsa betrayed him by joining forces with the Grand Duke. At any rate, somewhere down the line, Gorsha knew he needed to kill Lirsa. He tried, but the sword knew that he didn't really want to. His resolve failed. Knowing he could never kill Lirsa himself, he ordered Auvry to take Anniyas through the ladder so she could kill Lirsa. Because of his failure, Anniyas came to power. The mage council knew enough about this that they would never allow him to be captal. But it didn't matter, Gorsha would never forgive himself for betraying Lirsa, and in his heart knew that he was not worthy.

I don't know how Lilen and Collan fit into this. Perhaps he was related to either Lirsa or the Grand Duke. Perhaps Lilen was his confidant, or her forgiveness had nothing to do with it.

Or perhaps his plan that went awry had something to do with Maichen & Auvry's divorce. That would certainly explain why Gorsha is so certain Cai will one day discover the truth and hate him.

Known Lovers:

  • Lilen Ostin
  • Jeymian Renne
  • Fler Garvedian (RoA p 146)
  • Fallun Garvedian

Interesting Tidbits:
Lusath Adennos on Gorsha: He's more conceited than Leninor Garvedian. (RoA p 406?)
"Our Leninor loved to show off." (RoA p 146)


  • Is that Collan I see? Yes, it must be. Well, well well! (RoA p 345)
  • Telo knows why Col's warded. He looks panicked when Cai mentioned that she offered to remove Col's wards. (MT p 65)
  • Agatine, his sister-in-law knows something. Deliberately provokes Col's wards by using the names Elseveth and Viko. (RoA p 296ish)
  • There is no description of either him or Orlin, except that Telo is older, has darker skin and a bigger nose. (RoA p 253) There is a mention that he has dark eyes, (MT p 64) but since his mother had gray eyes and his father has green, (which means it would be genetically impossible for him to have brown eyes) it must have been in reference to his emotional state.
  • Telo could be a red head. Jeymi, his nephew, has red hair, (Agatine had dark hair) and (incidentally) Riddon is musically talented. (RoA p 297ish)


  • Has good taste in clothes. (like Collan) (MT p 55)
  • A ladies man (like Collan)
  • When he faces Chava Allard (end of MT) it says that he is in the grip of some powerful emotion. Chava recognizes him. Before Jeymian reveals Josselin's identity he is again in the grip of a powerful emotion. (MT p 574)
  • About Joss, "I have a grandson!" (MT p 593) If Telo were Collan's father, he would already have a grandson and granddaughter. I would think he wouldn't be quite as astounded as he comes across in this scene. This makes me think that perhaps he is an uncle rather than father.


  • Leninor watched over Collan "all these years" (RoA p 615)
  • Tiomarin & Lusira seem to know who Collan is. (RoA p 605)
  • Lusira knows who Sarra is and Sarra doesn't bat an eye!!! (RoA p 194)
  • Fallun has a rare gift, which makes me think of Col. (MT p 37)
  • Garvedians (in Glenin's opinion) have "appalling taste in men" Probably a reference to Gorsha. Both Fler and Fallun had affairs with Gorsha. Perhaps Tiomarin is Gorsha's daughter by Fler. (RoA p 146, 605)
  • Several famous tempers: Leninor, Fallun, Dessa, Collan?
  • Blue onyx on the clock matching the one belonging to Allynis Ambrai (RoA p 194)


  • When Agatine said her name, it aggravated Col's wards. (RoA p 296ish)
  • A mage and a bard. Taguare thinks she was like Falundir-a Bard
  • as well as a Mageborn. It's a rare combination. You wouldn't think it would be, because there's a lot of magic in music. But to have both talents so strongly, as this Elseveth seemed to, and to become both, as not even Falundir has done-" (MT p 172)
  • The only musically talented woman of the right age mentioned in the series thus far.
  • Col's mother was supposed to have been musical
  • As beautiful as her cousin (of some sort), Lusira Garvedian. (RoA p 280)
  • Helped Mai, Elin, & Pier Alvassy escape from Ambrai as children. (RoA p 280)

    Both Elseveth & Tiomarin are "cousins of some sort" to Lusira Garvedian. Being the daughters of Fler would qualify them as first cousins. No reason to keep that a secret. But if Gorynel Desse is their father, then that would be something to keep a secret! That would explain the "some sort." The fact that they're twins, why not? Melanie tends to be twin happy anyway! The twins would skip a generation to Mikel and Taigan. Of course with all of the twins in the Maurgen family, who knows, maybe he's a Maurgen! Val did show uncanny fashion sense when he designed Sarra's gown at her petition!

    Melanie says that all of Col's parents and grandparents are named somewhere in the book. She also says that he is not (meaning his real last name) either a Garvedian or Trayos. [EDITOR's NOTE: Never believe a woman trying to trick you! i.e. Melanie!]

    Elseveth is obviously significant. She couldn't be Col's paternal grandmother because there is only one male Garvedian mentioned in the series and he is a mere 15 yrs at the end of RoA. If she is his maternal grandmother, Collan would still be a Garvedian. Since she fits so well as his mother, I thought I'd leave her there.


    When Agatine said the name it aggravated Col's wards. (RoA p 296ish)
  • Renne: Discovered the cure for the Kenroke fever, healer mage. There are no other Renne mages except for Jeymian. Several generations back. (RoA p 38ish)
  • Rosvenir: Probably the same generation as Gorsha, Allynis, or possibly Sarra Ambrai (the first). The only Rosvenir mage guardian. (MT p 233) Amilie goes into great detail when she mentions him. Why?
  • Garvedian: Tiomarin's son. age of 15 (RoA p 605) Extremely sensitive magically.

    It's fairly obvious to me that the only Viko that could possibly be Col's father or grandfather is Viko Rosvenir. Wouldn't it be just like Gorsha to hide Collan in plain sight? I found it fairly interesting if the names were passed through the father (as they are in our culture), Collan's name really WOULD be Collan Rosvenir!

COULD COLLAN BE A MIKLEINE? A hint? "Gorynel Desse had given him the Name "Rosvenir," but Collan could have been anything from a Mikleine to a Garvedian. Hell, he could be an Ostin for all anyone knew…." (MT p 124)


  • Yellow roses on the cover of RoA
  • Flame colored roses on the cover of MT
  • Flame colored roses in the hills around Malerris Castle. (MT p 277)
  • Slegin sigil
  • The sender betrays
  • The rose poem
  • Verald's father loved roses
  • Sarra named for the patron of flowers
  • Roseguard, roses guarding Sarra on the cover of RoA


  • Why doesn't Geria know who Sarra & Cai are? (RoA p 127 & 436)
  • Lusira knows who Sarra is and Sarra doesn't bat an eye!!! (RoA p 194)
  • How old is Lusira really? When Sarra first meets her she is described as being not older than 25. But in MT, she tells Cai that she wasn't much older than she (Cai) is when Ambrai burned????


  • Sarra thinks Col was 11-12 when he became Scraller's slave. ?????? MT p 503
  • The Ostins were still planning their trip to Combel while Maichen & Sarra were at Ostinhold! Then the news came from Ambrai, before the trip to Combel. Sarra would have gone to Sheve before the trip to Combel happened, before Gorsha came for Collan. It would have been soon after that Gorsha took Falundir to safety. So he came for Col (the second time) after he hid Falundir. That isn't the implication we get from the section called Collan. ???
  • Why did Col have to be knocked out before going through a ladder the first time? It wasn't a problem later. RoA p 338?
  • Why did Gorsha's and Auvry's battle affect Col the way it did with a raging headache etc. (RoA p 346)
  • Which of that first group to go through the ladder was mageborn: Tarise, Rillan, Jeymi, Col, Sela. One of them had to have brought them all through the ladder. (RoA p 346)
  • How does Col steal Glenin's power to kill?
  • Who is the man who helped Col find the twins? (MT p 156-7)
  • How does Col recognize Sarra before he dies? (MT p 537)
  • How come the only time Falundir talks to Col is when Gorsha is around?
  • Other:
  • Who is the Rising Traitor? (RoA p 295ish)
  • Tarise saw earrings in Telo's room. Is this significant?
  • Who caused the wind on the boardwalk in Renig?
  • Why didn't Sarra ever feel rejected by Auvry taking Glenin instead of her?
  • How come no one knew Auvry was a Captal's Warder?
  • The Divorce:
  • Allynis: I'm sorry if this incident has pained you, Daughter, but the Captal agrees we won't accomplish anything this way. Tell him so. )RoA p 53)
  • Have you begun to believe the pretense? What did Anniyas offer you? (RoA p 82)
  • Auvry referring to Glenin, "The bargain, your safety, your position…" (RoA p 564)
  • Why did Anniyas need and want Auvry? For his knowledge? She wanted Glenin to bear her grandson? Did she want someone she could trust? Did she think he'd be useful as a flunky?
    The following is based partly on Melanie's timeline at the beginning of MT, and partly on a couple of references to Auvry Feiran's age. (RoA pp 227,564)

    Feiran born 0 910
    Collan born   938
    Grand Duke killed barely 30 940?
    Col sold/Glenin's birth 34 942
    Cai's birth/Ambrai died 42 951
    Destruction of Malerris Castle 42 960
    The Rising/Feiran's death 59 969

    Veller Ganfallin, Grand Duchess, was poisoned something like 200 years ago. All of her children were put to death, but the youngest son, who was a baby, escaped. (MT p 386)

    Lirsa Bekke (warrior mage) was working for the Grand Duke. Gorsha ordered Auvry Feiran (who was barely 30) to take Anniyas to her through a ladder so she could defeat her as Anniyas's army was defeating the duke's army. Prearranged by the Lords of Malerris. (RoA p 227)

    Death of Anniyas' last notable opponent, this person's death created the opportunity for Scraller to be given complete control over all of the economic activities of the Waste. (RoA p 8) My theory is this was the Grand Duke of Domburronshir.

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