Genetics of Sunrunners and Sorcerers

Genetics of Sunrunners and Sorcerers

Special thanks to Anna for this list!

    Here's the genetics as explained by Melanie in Sunrunner's Fire:

    The faradhi gene is recessive; the diarmadhi gene is dominant. Simply put, think of the Sunrunner gene as being like that for blue eyes, and the sorcerer gene as similar to that for dark hair; they have nothing to do with each other genetically, but the combination---used perceptively---can be startling.

    ff: full Sunrunner. Almost all are unable to cross water without becoming violently ill. All are vulnearable to death by iron while working.

    fx: "halfling gift." Possible seasickness; in particularly strong bloodlines, an itchy feeling around the edges of consciousness when spell are being worked. Cannot be trained as a Sunrunner.

    Dxx: full sorcerer. No difficulty crossing water; not as susceptible to iron; vulnerable to mirror spells. Can be trained as a Sunrunner, as can all with the diarmadhi gene; also, all with this gene who wear faradhi rings feel them burn in the presence of a sorcerer's working, but if they themselves are doing the spell, the rings only tremble a little as if in protest.

    Dff: full sorcerer and full Sunrunner. Most cannot cross water comfortably.

    Dfx: full sorcerer; halfling Sunrunner. Same as above, but vulnerable to mirrors.

    xx: no "magical" genes at all. Susceptible under influence of dranath to a powerful mind's suggestions, especially diarmadh'im using a mirror.

    Offspring of faradh'im

    	ff = fx		ff; fx
    	ff = xx		fx
    	fx = xx		fx; xx
    	fx = fx		ff; fx; xx
    Offspring of diarmadh'im
    	Dxx = Dff	Dfx
    	Dxx = Dfx	Dfx; Dxx
    	Dff = Dfx	Dff; Dfx
    	Dxx = xx	Dxx
    	Dff = xx	Dfx
    	Dfx = xx	Dfx; Dxx
    Offspring of both
    	ff = Dxx	Dfx
    	ff = Dff	Dff
    	ff = Dfx	Dff; Dfx
    	fx = Dxx	Dfx; Dxx
    	fx = Dff	Dff; Dfx
    	fx = Dfx	Dff; Dfx; Dxx